Our 8th Annual Brewery Appreciation Day is Sunday November 25th!


Our favorite day of the year is coming up—our 8th Annual Brewery Appreciation Day! It’s our chance, once a year, to gather some of our favorite breweries all in one place and sample some of their delicious offerings and eat a bunch of fajitas. A pretty good day, really…

Tickets are available now at Adobe Blues or at Eventbrite!

We’re working hard to nail down the breweries and beers that are going to be represented this year. All are cracking open their vaults to bring out some rare and one off beers for us to try!

In addition to all of the commercial breweries, we’re always excited to try the selections from Pour Standards Home Brew Club. Every year our local brewers come up with some of the most talked about beers of the day, and we expect the same this year. 

Tickets are limited: we cap the number of tickets we sell to create a comfortable experience with friends where everyone can get a beer without crowds and long lines, and have space to enjoy it as well.

Included in the ticket price are a 5oz tasting glass (real glass!), tastes of all the beers, unlimited information from knowledgeable beer reps…plus all you can eat steak, chicken and vegetable fajitas and mini tacos!

Breweries to be confirmed soon...stay tuned to Adobe Blues Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!