Oskar Blues tap takeover for the Super Bowl!

You wouldn't think it, since we're not a sports bar...but every year we host one of the best Super Bowl parties in town. In addition to the hard shell taco bar and all-you-can-eat wings, we cover the front windows with paper and project the game onto it. We also put a beer from each team's home state on tap!

There's a problem this year, though. North Carolina is home to a lot of great breweries, but none of them distribute in New York. However...Colorado's Oskar Blues opened an east coast outpost of their brewery a couple of years ago...in North Carolina! We can use the same brewery for both teams! Problem solved!

Here's what we'll have on tap from Oskar Blues for the Super Bowl:

--Mama's Little Yella Pils: a 5.3% easy-drinking Czech Pilsener

--Pinner: one of their newer creations, Pinner is a 4.9% session IPA

--Ten Fidy: one of our favorite classic imperial stouts...10.5%!


Come join us for the Super Bowl this Saturday, 2/7! The game starts at 6:30 PM...see you then!